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DTF Gang Sheet 22" Wide (UP TO 192" Long) Now Only $4 per sq/ft!

DTF Gang Sheet 22" Wide (UP TO 192" Long) Now Only $4 per sq/ft!

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Build your own Gang Sheet

MINIMUM SIZE IS 22 X 24. Contact me if you need longer than 72" sheets.

As many images as you can put on a sheet. They are 22" wide and up to 72" long.

To Order:

  • Please upload the image(s) you wish to have printed by clicking the “Make A Gang Sheet Here” button.  Please ensure the sizing and coloring is correct as it will be printed exactly as it is uploaded.
  • Select the height of your sheet, 24" -  72"
  • Once your artwork is formatted, you will be prompted to return to the product page.  Click “Redirect”.
  • Click the Quantity you want and the Size Button. Add to cart.

For the best quality prints, we recommend you upload a TRANSPARENT PNG image with a 300 dpi.

Copyright Information:

By submitting your artwork, you are certifying you are the designer of this artwork OR have the legal right to produce a print of this artwork by a third party printer.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are authorizing the printing of this artwork within the designers terms and conditions. 

TIME FRAMES: DTF prints will ship to you within 1-3 business days.  Please be aware your turn around time does not begin until we receive print-ready artwork. Most transfers ship same day if in before Noon CT.

COLOR INFORMATION:  Please note, DTF prints are printed in CMYK color codes.  Designs created in RGB color codes will be converted to the closest CMYK color available for printing.  Please be advised colors may vary from screen to screen.  A color correction service is available if desired prior to printing.  Please be mindful, not all RGB colors are available in CMYK format. Our printer is corrected for the inks and film we use. It is typically very close to what you order.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: It is highly recommended you include in your care instructions the customer should not use fabric softener.  Fabric softener is hard on all transfers, but especially DTF prints.  Additionally, please refrain from detergents with Oxy or aggressive stain fighters. 

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