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Rubik Melting

Rubik Melting

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 Direct to Film (DTF) Transfer

This new innovative technology makes creating your custom items a breeze. Without the hassle of weeding vinyl, you are able to fulfill your orders even faster. Did we mention the buttery soft feel of our transfers?

What type of material can these transfers be placed on?

These transfers can be applied to any color cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blend, and a host of other garments with ease.

Why do you ask for the color of the item I'm placing the transfer on?

This helps us determine which adhesive we need to use on your transfers. For example, with red garments we have an adhesive that stops the color of the garment from bleeding into the transfer over time.

Can I use a Cricut Easypress to apply the transfers?

No, we DO NOT recommend using a Cricut Easypress to apply your transfers. A heat press must be used to apply the transfers.

What size will the design be?

The transfers will be 10.5-11.0 inches wide.

Processing Time: 

Please refer to the main banner on the homepage of the website for the most up to date processing times. Processing time does not include weekends or holidays.


Your items will be shipped via either USPS, FedEx, or UPS (determined at checkout).


All sales are final.


Pressing Instructions for our transfers:

Temperature Setting: 300-330 degrees F
Time: 15-20 seconds 
Pressure: Medium to firm pressure

 1. Pre-press your shirt for 5-10 seconds to remove moisture.

2. Press transfer for 15-20 seconds with parchment paper.

3. Allow transfer to cool (this is not a hot peel).

4. Peel transfer.

5. Press again for 5-10 seconds (we recommend a fresh sheet of parchment paper)




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